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Whoopes – Free Chatting & Video Calling Messenger



Ready Market app HD Calling messenger with 5K downloads ready to sell with its facebook instagram page and playstore account 4 packages fb page instagram account playstore already app uploaded with 5000+ downloads and growing.

App is making profit from admob in it and has using firebase backend means its free no back end fees uses free apis calling system. ready to sell.

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Whoopes is social networking application with this app people can connect with each other around the world. Whoopes is one of the best social networking application in all social apps. Whoopes is of the best application that has many special features for our users. Such as Group video calling, Stories or your special moments, Tag your friends, Make friend list, Make your own gallery on whoopes, Invite your friends and most important is post your life style in whoopes. People can use application on low data usage and stay connect with your friends and family member around the world.


In the features we illustrate our social networking application whoopes features.

Audio, Video and Group Calling:

One feature for our valuable users is group audio and video calling. In all application or social networking website your can use this service but on whoopes is totally different from others. As we wrote earlier whoopes is one of the best application on social networking platform due to its amazing features. People can enjoy audio, video and group calling on whoopes on low data service and also no one giving this feature for their valuable users to make video calls with their friends of friends and family members. Users just make friends or family groups on different social networking applications and they don’t allow to their users to make call in group. So in whoopes we include this feature that people can make their own group add member and can audio and video call one by one or with all member on whoopes.

On whoopes we are first one who include this amazing feature in our application for our special users. With this people can share their important moments and stories on whoopes and get amazing feedback from their friends and family members. Any stories you want to write on whoopes and tell your friends and family members and people can make their own moments on whoopes and share.

Post Your Life Style:

This one is one of the best feature on our website for Models, Actors and Diplomate around the world. On whoopes they can share their life style with their fans. Also, we give this special opportunity to our all valuable users they can freely post their lifestyle with their friends and family. People can follow lifestyle of their favorite Model, Actors, Diplomate and others so enjoy whoopes service.

Invite Your Friends
This one is good feature for all member on whoopes they can invite their friends, friends of friends and their family member on whoopes. On whoopes everything is secure where people share everything without any hesitation. People can invite their friends from any social networking website/application also invite via massage, email and calling invitation.


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